Association of Saudi media

Membership Factor

Terms and conditions of membership:
The following conditions must be met by the assembly member:

To be a Saudi national.
To be of good conduct.
To be 18 years old.
To be fully qualified as a sharia.
Hold a media qualification or have previously worked in any media sector for at least two years.
He must not be convicted of a crime against honour or honesty unless he has been rehabilitated.
Cooperation with the Association and its employees to achieve its objectives.
Compliance with General Assembly resolutions.
Do nothing that would harm the Assembly.
Its membership must be approved by the Board of Directors through the Membership Committee.
Pay membership fees for annual subscription.
The Board of Directors is an exception to which certain previous conditions are not applied in specific and justified cases.

Membership fees: 1200 per year


Rights, features and subscription account:

1- Applying for membership of the Board of Directors after a period of not less than six months from the date of joining the Association and paying the subscription.

2- Participating in the activities of the association.

3- Access to the association’s documents and documents, records, financial documents and budget at the association’s headquarters.

4- Attending the General Assembly or naming a member, in writing to represent him in its presence on his behalf.

5- Voting on the resolutions of the General Assembly if it is six months from the date of joining the Assembly.

6- Receive basic information about the activities of the association periodically and participate in these activities.

7- Obtaining a membership card.

8- The name of the member is included in the guide of the members of the association.

9- Priority in investing its capabilities and expertise according to the need of the project or initiative or participating in public events and events organized by the association.

10- 20% discount for all meetings and training courses organized by the association.

11- To assume the chairmanship of one of the committees in the event of the availability of the necessary expertise and skills with the approval of the Board of Directors of the Association.


Calculate a member’s subscription:

January: 1200

February: 1100

March: 1000

April: 900

May: 800

June: 700

July: 600

August: 500

September: 400

October: 300

November: 200

December: Calculated from next year at 1200


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